Diving Deeper Into Antiquity While Touring Around Europe

It’s hard not to be in awe of the ancient Roman and Greek ruins scattered throughout Europe. The Parthenon. The Coliseum. The Pantheon. The Baths of Caracalla. The list goes on. And on. And on. It’s true that most of the ruins are well documented and even well preserved, but how much do you really know about the history of these amazing pieces of architecture? Do you know which ruins are the most visited? What’s the cost of admission? How do you get there? Where should you stay? What are the best free or inexpensive activities? What’s the most romantic way to tour? We’re here to help you find the answers to all of these questions and more—diving deeper into

When most people think of European history, they think of the ancient middle east, but that is only half the story. The truth is that the ancient Greeks and Romans had a strong influence on Europe, and you can see it all over the continent. Some of the most famous Greek and Roman ruins are in Italy, where the ancient Romans built the Colosseum and the Pantheon, two of the most famous monuments in the world. However, there are also plenty of sites in other countries, including the Acropolis in Greece, Baths of Diocletian in Rome, and Arch of Titus in France.

If you’re looking to take in breathtaking views of the Roman Coliseum and the ancient city of Rome, I would recommend visiting the Rome, Italy’s historic center. While visiting you can reach these places by taking the Roma Pass, which will also allow you to enter other locations around the city for free.. Read more about best croatia tour companies and let us know what you think.If European travelers have already seen it all when it comes to exploring popular ancient sites like the Colosseum in Rome or the Parthenon in Athens, how about traveling to Europe again? Fortunately, Europe offers an amazing variety of ancient sites, from impressive Roman villas to Greek temples and cave tombs, well-preserved city gates and creative frescoes. Travel Agent spoke to several travel consultants and tour operators to find out their opinions.

Ancient treasures of Sicily

Taormina, pictured above, is one of Councillor Lynn Tiger’s favourite ruins. // Photo: Getty. Sicily is a treasure trove of ancient Greek and Roman sites. One of my favorites is the Taormina Amphitheater, especially if the trip can be planned to coincide with an event, says Lynn Tiger, an independent travel consultant with FROSCH in Houston, Texas. The villa and the Roman mosaics of Armerina are also beautiful. I saw Selinunte at sunset and that is my fondest memory. Would you like a private tour led by a local archaeologist to see the Villa and Piazza Armerina? The highlight for many is the magnificent 38,000 square foot Roman mosaic floor. Cosmos offers this type of private tour to people traveling to Sicily as part of the eight-day discovery tour in small group with a guide. The cost of this 2022 round trip flight from Palermo is $1,319 per person based on double occupancy. Another option is the nine-day Trafalgar tour in Sicilian colors, which takes travelers in September 2021 to Taormina and the scenic, UNESCO-listed Temple Valley, where they will see seven magnificent Doric temples overlooking the city. This tour also goes to Syracuse (ancient Syracuse), the birthplace of Archimedes, where guests will visit the archaeological museum and the island of Ortigia. Guests of the Trafalgar can also stay at the Mercure Siracusa Prometeo. The cost of the 2022 The Colors of Sicily trip starts at $1,882 per person, based on double occupancy.

Iberian Delicacies

In the heart of Segovia, Spain, visitors can see one of the best-preserved Roman aqueducts, built in the first century AD. The high aqueduct supplied the city with water and the elegant arches, which still stand today, are a testimony to Roman engineering skills. I think Spain has some of the best old sites outside of Italy, Tiger says. It mentions a Roman theatre from 15 BC. Chr. at Merida in western Spain, the walls of the ancient city of Lugo, another Roman theatre at Cartagena, the ancient city of Baelo Claudia on the Strait of Gibraltar and the Greco-Roman ruins of Empuris. To see the Roman Theatre in Merida, opt for a high quality guided tour, the 13-day Spain and Portugal Tour in Style, offered by Luxury Gold. At the time of going to press, there were three departures in 2021. – 3. September, 17. September and 1. October – available from $5,558 per person based on double occupancy. On day 11 of the tour, travelers visit the ruins of Merida, including a Roman theater that once gave performances for the public in ancient Lusitania, a Roman province in the Iberian Peninsula that included parts of Spain and Portugal. Merida is also home to the longest preserved Roman bridge in the world. Tiger also mentions the drawing of a Roman temple in Évora, Portugal. Guests traveling in style on the Spain and Portugal tour will also visit Évora.

The Romans in Germany

One of the best places in Germany to see the Roman influence is Trier, the oldest city in the country. End of 4. Century v. The settlement on the Moselle was founded by the Celts and was under Roman administration for centuries. Today the main attraction of the city is the magnificent Porta Nigra or Black Gate, built between 186 and 206 AD. It is considered the largest and best preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps. Visitors to Trier can also discover the Barbarabaths and the Imperial Baths. Traces of the Roman era are visible everywhere in Trier, from the remains of the fortress wall to the Roman bridge, which is also the oldest in Germany, from the amphitheatre to the baths and warehouses. Notably, the giant Basilica of Constantine, now a Protestant church, was once the 220-foot throne room of the Roman Emperor Constantine I. A stay of a few days in Trier, which is less than 120 miles from Frankfurt, is an interesting excursion for all lovers of ruins. The city can also be visited as part of tours, such as the nine-day Globe tour Catholic Central Europe with Oberammergau, a faith-based trip that will take place between Munich and Frankfurt in 2022 and costs from $3,799 per person based on a double room. Globus customers travel to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, attend the unique Passion Plays in Oberammergau, and spend some time in Trier on day seven to see the Porta Nigra and other sights in the city, and visit the Cathedral. word-image-6024 Cologne has an excellent Roman-Germanic archaeological museum, located next to the cathedral that dominates the city (see above). During this world tour you will also visit Cologne Cathedral, next to which is the impressive Roman-Germanic Archaeological Museum, which is definitely worth a visit for history enthusiasts. You can also stand in front of the museum’s stained glass window, look down and see the large Roman mosaic of Dionysus in the basement.

Paestum and Matera, Italy

As someone who knows Italy, I love Paestum, which is off the beaten path but makes a great excursion during a trip to the Amalfi Coast, Tiger says. Ancient Paestum, located about 22 miles inland, southeast of Salerno, was founded around 600 BC. Chr. Chr. by Greek settlers, who called it Poseidonia. Renamed Paestum by the Lucanians, it came under Roman rule and became a Roman city in 871. Chr. plundered by looters. Abandoned for centuries, the ruins were restored in the 18th century. It was rediscovered in the 17th century and in 1969 a farmer discovered an ancient tomb of Lucan with Greek frescoes from the early classical period. Many artifacts are now displayed in the local archaeological museum, but the well-preserved temples of Paestum are still a sight to behold. Jerry Lang, president of House of Travel, a subsidiary of BCD and member of the Signature Travel Network in Aventura, Florida, says Paestum has the best-preserved ancient Greek ruins in the world. There are three remarkably preserved Doric temples in two sacred areas. The Temple of Athena (or Temple of Ceres) and the Temple of Hera I (basilica) date from the 6th century. Century v. The temple of Hera II (Neptune temple) from the year 460 BC. Chr. Chr. Another tip for antique lovers? Lang advises travelers planning a vacation in southern Italy to also consider Matera. Since 10,000 BC. People from Chr. lived there. Over the centuries it was occupied by the Romans, Germanic tribes and the Byzantines. Matera was destined to become Italy’s hot spot, and then a pandemic broke out, Lang says. An interesting observation? Resembling an ancient Middle Eastern city, Matera became famous as the location for films such as Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and the latest James Bond film No Time to Die. One of the tours that will visit Matera is Insight Vacations’ nine-day tour of the Puglia and Naples Riviera, which will depart on various dates in 2022. Prices start at $2,914 per person based on a double room for a classic tour or $3,439 per person based on a double room for a small group tour. Participants travel to Matera accompanied by a local expert for an in-depth exploration of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sassi, a labyrinth of caves, churches, stairways and arches carved into the rock. In 2022, Globus will also call at Matera on a nine-day guided tour of southern Italy between Sorrento and Naples, starting at $1,199 per person per night for two people. Globus customers stay overnight in Matera and take a tour of the Casa Grotta, where a reconstructed interior shows visitors how the inhabitants of the Casa lived in those times.


Roman Split and Pula, Croatia

At the beginning of the 4th century. Century n. In the early 13th century, Roman Emperor Diocletian completed construction of a massive fortress-like palace on the waterfront of Split, Croatia. It was there that he retired in 305 AD. Chr. word-image-6025 In Split, Croatia, stand the impressive ruins of the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. // Photo: Getty Today, these ruins and the remains of the Roman walls and gates form the Old Town of Split. This historic district, home to more than 3,000 people, is rich in shops, cafes, restaurants and apartments. The foundations and lower floors of Diocletian’s quarters were preserved, and the emperor’s octagonal mausoleum was later converted into a Christian church, now one of the oldest in the world. At the intersection of the two main streets of the ancient palace is the peristyle, an open rectangular courtyard with a colonnade that was a fashionable place for influential Romans to see and be seen. At dusk, the marble and granite columns of the palace are illuminated, and sometimes actors in Roman gowns perform. Guided tours that include a visit to Split include Trafalgar’s 11-day guided Best of Croatia and Slovenia tour between Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Croatia. In Split, the participants will be explained by a local expert, visit Diocletian’s Palace and stay overnight in the chic Atrium Hotel. As a bonus, on this Trafalgar tour you’ll also visit Pula, Croatia, home to one of the world’s largest Roman storied amphitheatres, which once held 23,000 spectators. This tour starts at $2,093 per person based on double occupancy.

Oracle in Greece

United Vacations offers many flight/hotel packages to Athens, Greece. Travelers can stay at the Grand Bretagne Hotel, the Crowne Plaza Athens City Center, the Athens Hilton or other hotels. Regular visitors to Athens can easily take day trips outside the city, such as B. at ancient Delphi on Mount Parnassus. The ancient Greeks considered Delphi to be the center of the universe and home to that civilization’s most famous oracle or diviner. Sophocles and Alexander the Great were among the world leaders, philosophers, nobles and other dignitaries who consulted the oracle or Pythia, a woman who was appointed high priestess of the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Today, visitors can see the Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Athena Pronaea and other historic structures, many of which are dedicated to sports, including a large stadium. The Archaeological Museum of Delphi also has an impressive collection of ancient artifacts. In addition to the day trip to Delphi, many tour operators offer tours of Greece that include stops at Delphi and other ancient sites. One is Collette’s 15-day Exploring Greece and its Islands trip, where you’ll explore the sights of classical Greece as well as Mykonos and Santorini. Prices start at $3,299 per person based on double occupancy. During the mainland part of the Greek itinerary, guests visit Delphi, Mycenae, Olympia, Themopylae, Nafplion and other places. Guests then take the high-speed ferry to Mykonos and spend another week on the island and on Santorini (home to the archaeological site of Thira) before flying back to Athens. While in Mykonos, Collette guests can spend half a day visiting the nearby town of Delos, which was considered by the ancient Greeks to be the birthplace of the gods Apollo and Artemis. One of the attractions of Delos is the House of Dionysos, which dates back to the 4th century. Century v. Chr. One of the mosaic floors represents a fresco of a tiger.

Other old drawings

Throughout Europe, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and beyond, many other ancient sites beckon, including this one:

  • Malta is home to prehistoric megalithic temples, the oldest dating back to 3600 BC. Chr.
  • Serbia has been the birthplace of 16 Roman emperors and the ruins of ancient Viminacium lie just 60 miles east of Belgrade.
  • Ireland is home to ancient Celtic settlements
  • Cyprus Salamis, an ancient city-state, dates back to the 11th century. Century v. Chr. and was inhabited until the end of the Roman period.
  • Sammallahdenmaki in Finland – a Bronze Age cemetery
  • In Slovakia there is the Limes Romanus, border fortifications and ancient monuments on the Middle Danube.

And the list goes on and on. So if travelers have already been there and seen the most popular antique sites in Europe, there is still an abundance of antique sites across the continent.

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