How to Travel Safely During Covid-19 in 2021?

Safe Travel During Covid-19 Outbreak:

It is not advisable to travel during Covid-19 for the Corona Virus outbreak. Although the situation outside is deadly and we shouldn’t go out to risk our own as well as the lives of others. Many of us cannot avoid going out due to certain situations. Thus, while going out you must look for your own safety as well as of others. There are few measures you should take which will help you not get in touch with the virus and protect you to some extent.

Pandemic and the current situation:

The current situation with the on-going pandemic due to Covid-19 has forced the world to stand still. We are facing something we never ever imagined in our whole life. The lives of each and every individual have been affected due to it. Isn’t it? The deadly virus is playing its game by taking so many lives on a daily basis.

It has made us prisoners in our own houses. We fear to go out of our own houses. We all are feeling anxious, sad and irritated sitting still at home, unable to go out for work, to meet friends, have fun, etc. It is okay to feel this way since our life has been upside-down for a few months now.

Precautions to take while travel during Covid-19 situation:

Mask wearing:

While traveling in Covid-19, the first and foremost precaution that needs to be taken is to cover the under-eye portion of the mouth as there is a high risk of containing the virus through these. So cover your under-eye portion of your mouth with a mask. Many people wear a mask but keep their nose uncovered, which is a big risk!

The major motive behind wearing a mask is to cover your under-eye portion of the mouth So make sure to wear a mask that covers the under-eye portion of your mouth properly and protects you.

Medical masks such as N-95 are only recommended for those who show symptoms like cold, coughing, etc. So you can wear any mask which ensures your covering of nose and mouth properly.

Covering your mouth:

If you are sneezing or coughing while traveling in Covid-19 make sure to use a tissue to cover your mouth. After using the tissue better to sanitize your hands immediately.

Social distance maintaining:

Make sure to maintain a social distancing of one meter at least from others while going out. Social distance maintenance is very important for your own as well as of other’s safety.

Hand hygiene:

While traveling in Covid-19 you need to ensure washing hands from time to time with handwash, minimum of 20 to 30 seconds. Hands are the most exposed area so make sure to wash it again and again. Avoid touching your nose, ears, eyes, and face.

If it is not possible to wash hands with handwash again and again, then you need to carry a hand sanitizer. There are several hand-sanitizers available in the market, but you need to buy yourself a hand-sanitizer that contains 90% of alcohol.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are recommended to use by the World Health Organisation. You can also wear hand-gloves some major precautions. Keep in mind it does not protect you from the virus if you do not use it properly.

When you have hand-gloves on your hand, your hands get in touch with various objects and surfaces and you might feel that you are safe with these on, but if you touch any part of your face or skin with it, it can harm you as it might contain the virus.

So if you are wearing hand-gloves, do not touch any part of your body including your face, and try changing the hand-gloves from time to time as well. So make sure of your hand-hygiene as it is a must.

Eating safety:

While traveling in Covid-19 you will eat off course, you can’t stay hungry. Thus, you need to maintain food safety as well. Take freshly cooked food with yourself and avoid eating food from outside. Before and after eating sanitize your hands.

International tours: should it be put on hold?

Many of us had planned international tours, vacations, etc. before the Covid-19 outbreak. It is a sudden hit for all of us. And now when we are in this situation and it is very risky to go even outside of our own homes, international tours seem like impossible destinations or dreams for that matter.

The situation is heartbreaking for all of those who are travel freaks and really wanted to go for international tours and explore new places, have fun with your friends or family, etc. But as they say “Health is Wealth”, we need to first look for our health safety.

You really should avoid international tours in this COVID-19 outbreak and at any cost, you should not risk your health for a bit of fun and enjoyment. You can definitely resume your plans when the situation is normal and it is safe to travel and go on international tours.

For now, you need to put a hold on your travel plans. Trust me, the situation is going to be fine, you will be again traveling from places to places and having a lot of fun.

The plans for vacation tours can be avoided. But I am certain that there are a bunch of people who cannot avoid international tours because of their business purposes or those who are international students, and workers, etc. So what to do in this deadly situation? Should take a lot of precautions for sure.

Airline ticket booking and necessary documents while traveling in COVID-19:

The procedure for airline ticket booking remains the same. You need to decide the date on which you want to travel and book your ticket on a trusted website. You should compare the fares at various sites and choose the best for you. While booking your ticket you need to provide your personal information such as your full name, age, your address. And also your passport number for international travel. Once you have booked your tickets half of the work is done.

While traveling in Covid-19 at the airport they would check for your ticket and also a passport. Make sure to have these two documents.  At the airport, they would also check your baggage and after all the approvals you can start your travel on the flight. In the flight take all the safety precautions.

precautions for all in traveling in COVID-19
precautions for all in traveling in COVID-19

Necessary things you need to know while traveling during Covid-19:

  • There are countries those who have banned international travel, thus you won’t be able to travel to those countries.
  • Before planning your international tour, consider the risk factors such as if you and your fellow traveler is a senior citizen or have chronic health conditions because with such conditions, the risk of containing the virus increases.
  • You should look for the number of cases affected by corona; whether it’s increasing or decreasing in your destined country. You also need to look for the rules and regulations for international travelers of your destined country. Some countries require 14-days of self-quarantine before and after travel.
  • Health safety measures should be taken properly while traveling in Covid-19 which includes personal hygiene items such as masks, hand sanitizer (alcohol-based), hand gloves. Social distance maintenance is very much be kept in mind and you should avoid crowded places as much as possible.

Essential things to carry while travel during COVID-19 affected countries:

Travel during COVID-19 to the affected countries heightens the risk of you getting the virus. As you must be taking safety precautions while traveling in Covid-19 which includes your face mask, hand-sanitizer, hand-gloves, own food, etc. You should carry these things to your destination as well to avoid direct touch with anyone.

Before going to any place to buy certain things in an affected area. So better to take your necessary thing with yourself. Take your clothes, medicines, charger, and personal safety equipment.

After reaching there, you might need to follow the self-quarantine procedure of 7 to 14 days and testing yourself after the quarantine is finished. Thus keeping all necessary would help you in this quarantine period. Even if your self-quarantine is completed and your test comes negative, avoid going out as much as possible. Keep on with your safety and stay healthy.

Few safe countries to travel during COVID-19 situation:

While the whole world is at a stop, there are some countries where traveling in Covid-19 is still safe. A firm named ‘Deep Knowledge Group’ has done its research on 200 countries and provided with a report of 100 safest countries to travel during COVID-19.

According to the report, Switzerland is safe to travel to now. The country’s healthcare system has handled the situation carefully with its efficient monitoring system, quarantine programs, detection, and treatment of the virus.

The other safe countries including Switzerland are Germany, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Austria, China, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, etc. as per the report.

However, if you are travel during Covid-19 to any other country please take all the necessary precautions.

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