Travel Games For Kids – Will You Forget the Discomfort for a While?

If you are planning a trip with the kids, then in order to save your sanity, you need to get the kids travel games. Travel board games provide hours of entertainment for your children while on the road. There are many options out there for travel games for kids. The games are compact and self-contained, making them ideal for travel! Learn more about some of the best car travel games!

What are Travel Games?

Travel games are games that are designed to pass the time for children (and sometimes adults) while traveling. They are designed to keep the kids from becoming bored and restless while on a trip. They are self-contained, and often have magnetic pieces that keep in place even during rough travel.

When are Travel Games Played?

Travel games can be played whenever someone is traveling. They go in the car, on planes, and on the train. The purpose is to be small and portable, making them perfect for any mode of transportation.

Considerations before Choosing Travel Games

Before you choose any travel games for your family, take some things into consideration. Are you on a strict budget for your trip? If so, scour the Internet for some free travel games. There are many great games out there that do not cost a penny!

Are you traveling with kids from different age groups? Organize your travel games so that you have some for every child in your family. Look for games that are appropriate for ages. You want to keep everyone entertained.

Do your children get along well or not? If they do not get along well, consider buying them individual games, such as electronic travel games. If they get along well, there are many kids travel games that are perfect for more than one player.

Popular Travel Games

There are many popular travel games that the kids can play with very little setup. Some of these are license plate games. License plate games challenge the kids to look for license plates from all forty-eight main states (not including Alaska and Hawaii). To play this game, you will need to give each kid a list of the states to check off.

Connect the dots is another fun game. It is a two-player game. Start with a grid of dots. A grid that is 10 by 10 works well. Players take turns connecting two of the dots. If they connect two dots that make a square, they put their initial in the square and get to take a second turn. They can continue to take turns until they can no longer make squares the winner is the person with the most squares that has his or her initial in the box.



Vacation scrapbooking is a great game for kids on the return trip from a vacation. Have them compile post cards, photographs, brochures, and other memorabilia from the trip into simple scrapbooks. Encourage them to write down their ideas and memories about the trip before they forget them.

The alphabet game is another fun, and free, game. The kids must find all of the letters of the alphabet on the license plates of the cars they are passing, as well as any signs they see. Starting with “A” each child must spot each letter of the alphabet. The first one to reach “Z” is the winner.

Toddler travel games are more challenging to find. Since toddlers cannot read, you must think of things that get their imaginations going. Consider a toy that requires them to figure out a puzzle. A magnetic puzzle is another great idea for a toddler travel game. The pieces will stay on the board, but the child can be entertained for a little while on the trip.

Some of the Most Popular Electronic Travel Games for Kids

Electronic travel games are usually handheld electronic games that kids can play. Many popular board games have been turned into electronic travel games. The Boggle Game FOLIO is a perfect game for the car. All of the pieces you need are contained in a zippered case. The game has sixteen letter cubes and a plastic cover. You shake the cubes inside the cover to rearrange the letters. The goal is to make as many words as you can from the letters. There is an electric timer built in so the kids know exactly when time is up. It changes colors when the time is getting close. The game includes paper and small pencils to record answers.

Another great travel board game is Mastermind Game Attaché. This game makes kids try to figure out a code that their opponent has chosen. This game is not electronic, per se, but it is a great game to keep kids’ minds occupied while traveling.

Electronic Yahtzee is another excellent car travel game. Yahtzee comes in many travel formats. The dice are on the screen, and the kids use buttons to select which dice they want to keep to make their different patterns. The scores are tabulated automatically by the computer.

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Classic Car Games

If you have kids that are prone to car sickness, avoid games that require them to focus on something inside the car. Instead, turn to some of these classic travel games. Back seat bingo is a good option. Create a five by five grid out of common objects you will see on the road, such as street signs, license plates, animals, or something else. Have the children cross off the items they spot until they have five in a row.

Twenty questions is a fun game that requires no materials. The person who is “it” picks a person or thing that is familiar to children. The children have to ask “yes” or “no” questions until they find out what you are thinking of. The catch is, they can only ask twenty questions.

“Choose a side” is played with two players. The players agree on something to count and something to avoid on their side of the road. Let’s say cows and tractors. They count the cows until they see a tractor, then they lose their cows and have to start counting over. The game is played until an agreed upon stopping point, whether it be the destination, a certain number of miles, or a time limit. The winner is the one with the highest count at the end of the game.

Benefits of Travel Games

Travel games for kids help them to not be bored on a long trip. Bored kids tend to fight and also get on their parent’s nerves. With bored children you will start your trip off on the wrong foot. With travel games, you can ensure that your kids are entertained and not pestering each other.

Travel games are also beneficial because most of them reinforce educational ideas. They may work on the alphabet, counting skills, or thinking strategies. The kids are having fun, and learning at the same time!

Travel games make the trip pass more quickly for the children and adults on the trip. Whether it be travel board games or the classic travel games that have been around for years, travel games are an essential part of a peaceful family vacation. Before your next family trip, arm yourself with some great kids travel games!

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