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The Complete Guide to Travel Security Products for 2022

With today’s air travel security issues, travel security products are becoming popular. Whether it’s a travel security alarm or some other product, these types of products are flying off retail store shelves. Learn more about the reasons you need travel security products for your next trip.

What are travel security products?

Travel security products are any product designed to make travel safer for the person traveling. Travel safety tools keep you safe on the go. Today’s society, sadly, is simply not safe. Travel security products allow you to travel with more peace of mind.

What is the purpose of travel security products?

Travel security products have several different characteristics. Some are designed to help you defend yourself when you are in unfamiliar situations and environments. If danger presents itself while traveling, you will be safe.

There are travel security products that are designed to protect the user and their belongings. These products would include security tags, security wallets, and anything else that keeps your belongings safe from thieves.

Lastly, travel safety products are designed to keep you safe if you are in an accident or unexpected situation, such as a power outage or a flat tire on your vehicle. These travel safety tools will keep you in control until help arrives.

Top 10 Travel Safety Products

There are many travel security products out there. How do you know what products you need? These are the top ten travel products to keep you safe when traveling:

Travel Safety Flash Lights

A travel safety flashlight is a very important tool. They are as bright as a traditional flashlight, but they are small and compact. They often have a belt clip or magnet that makes them convenient to carry with you. Flashlights are essential when traveling by car, as you never know when you may have an accident or get stranded. Those who travel in safety travel trailers especially need a flashlight, in case they have to camp where there is no electrical connection.

Clip-on security wallet

A security travel wallet that clips to the waist is an excellent security product. These wallets look like a traditional wallet with places to store your ID, credit cards, and money. However, they do have a strong metal clip on the side that attaches to the waistband of your clothing. If you position it so that it faces your body, only the metal clip will be visible. It stays firmly in place and is nearly impossible for a thief to remove.

Travel seat belt

Ticket travel belts are designed to give you more security. They are designed to look like a regular belt, but contain a zippered compartment that can hold your money and credit cards and keep them safe. There are even travel belts that are designed to carry your passport.

Automatic escape hammer

An automatic escape hammer is designed for an emergency situation where you could get trapped inside your vehicle. Includes a razor blade that is used to cut jammed seat belts in the event of an emergency. The sturdy hammers have double-sided steel heads heavy enough to smash car windows. It’s a good idea to travel with one of these in your car at all times, easily accessible from your seat.

Information on travel security products and bags

Travel security bags are essential for your trip and the following content lists some of the most important travel security products:

Security bag

Travel security bags are designed to be carried inside clothing, where they are hidden from view. This keeps all your valuables in one place and keeps them safe. You can keep your passport, money, credit cards, and other forms of identification in a safe travel bag. There are models that are designed to be worn over the shoulder and models that are worn around the waist under clothing. This is a great product for air travel safety as it will keep your money close to your body while maneuvering through the busy airport. However, be sure to remove it when you go through airport security.


Passport ID holder

When traveling through an airport, you must show your passport frequently. It can be difficult for the document to constantly pull it out of a pocket or bag. These forms of storage also leave your passport vulnerable to theft. Passport holders have a strap that keeps the passport around their neck. When not showing it to staff, you can put it under your shirt

Combination lock

You may want to lock your luggage when traveling internationally. Consider purchasing a combination lock to do this. Travel Sentry has a new lock that has special identification that only TSA employees can read, allowing airport personnel to open luggage. The combination tells the owner that the luggage was opened. This is great, because if something is missing, you know it was the airport staff who took it, because no one else can open your luggage. Not only that, but if the TSA feels the need to open your luggage, it will be able to do so without breaking your locks.

Door travel alarm

A travel security alarm looks like a doorstop. You place it on the floor by your door, and if someone tries to enter your room while you sleep, it will set off an extremely loud and penetrating alarm. This should scare the intruder and will undoubtedly alert you to its presence.

Safety sheet for sleeping

Consider buying a sheet to travel with. If you are going to stay in a hotel, you should be aware that hotel sheets are not always clean. Austin House makes a sheet that is shaped like a sleeping bag. You can sleep comfortably on this sheet, either on top of or under hotel sheets, without fear of contact.

Travel rescue kit

There are several common diseases that people who travel are often exposed to. These diseases are streptococci, sinus infection bacteria, staphylococcus A, and Salmonella. The Travel Rescue Kit has four powerful medications that kill these germs. There is a throat rescue that kills strep and other bacteria. The kit also contains a sinus rescue spray that kills bacteria involved in sinus infections. It contains a cold rescue spray that kills viruses that cause the common cold and a stomach rescue medicine that kills stomach bacteria that could cause food poisoning or other more serious stomach ailments.

Conclusion: Each of these travel safety products will help make your next trip safer. If you are staying at a hotel, don’t forget to put the travel security alarm in your suitcase. If you’re flying, be sure to pick up something to secure your identification and money, which will make air travel safety less of a concern. These tips will help you feel more confident on your next trip!

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