7 Best Places to Visit in Arkansas During Fall You Missed Last Time

Arkansas is one of the natural places where during the fall becomes more magnificent area to visit. With all the natural vibrant colors are scattered during fall in Arkansas state. Arkansas also known as “Land of Opportunity” or presently “Natural State”. During the spring, it’s an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking place to visit again and again.

During fall, In Arkansas, you can look out at the mountains, caverns, best climbing and biking areas as well as natural streams, aquifers and springs. For an incredible traveling experience during fall, you must visit in Arkansas and these places.

Hot Springs National Park, Mammoth Spring State Park, Petit Jean State Park, Whitaker Points, Roark’s Bluff, Bentonville and many more are the best places to visit in Arkansas during fall.

Hot Springs National Park:

This location was named as a park in 1921 though many visitors have already been coming to this place for a long time. Hot water springs in this park have the healing power as said by locals.  That makes this park a main tourist attraction.

There are many hot water springs bath houses made by locals near the park are the best place to spend your time. Though it’s also local’s earning options.

Hot springs water flows from the western part of Hot Springs Mountain, that is a part of Ouachita Mountain. From the natural source, it has been used by the public for more than 8000 years.

Mountains within the Park area are conserved by the hydrological system to preserve the springs. While you are in Arkansas, you must visit Hot Springs once for a few days to enjoy the natural healing station and also nature while curing the skin issues.

Petit Jean State Park:

The park got its name from a romantic story of “Petit Jean” that came from “Little John”. This park is between the Ouachita Mountain and Ozark mountain in Morrilton, Conway County in Arkansas.

This park has many tourist attractions such as a massive waterfall that is 95 feet tall. Above that Lake Bailey used for fishing and boating. There is a lodge named “Maher Lodge” that has 24 rooms as a historical lodge, which is at the edge of the dark forest.

Petit Jean Park has gift shops, boathouses near Lake Bailey, which have rentals boats, fishing items and food supplies. Also, picnic areas are in the park used for guests. This park has more than 32 cabins and 127 camping locations.

For the camper, this is the best place to enjoy the day. This park is open all day from 8am to 8pm, that is enough time to enjoy nature.

Mammoth Spring State Park:

This Park is the 2nd Largest spring in the Ozark Mountain region which forms a 10-acre beautiful lake. This location has a massive flow of water of 9 millions gallons per hour. This place is used as an information center known as Arkansas Welcome Center, to access about the history and natural resources of nearby locations.

Mammoth spring emerges with Grand Gulf State Park due to heavy rainfall in southern Missouri, which percolates into the land. That’s a massive area which makes you amazed to watch for a time. This Park is recreated for visitor purposes and for a natural information center.

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Wild Ox National River & Conway:

Wild Ox River is unpolluted, free waterway streamer. It’s a natural secured region for local deers, catamounts and few untamed life in the area. Ox river flows through Ozark mountain range.


Conway is naturally magnificent and attracts nature lovers as well open area range travelers. Those who have only purpose to climbing and biking, they can go to Cadron Settlement Park, a National historical place which exposes Cherokee trail.

Whitaker Point During Fall:

Countless proposals and endless loves are aged in Whitaker point. In Disney Motion Pictures, this city of Arkansas has shown, like “Tuck Everlasting” in here. In every season, world class photographers are shorten this place for shoot their pictures and capture the scenery of craggy rock.

Above of all, Whitaker Point is known as “People’s Place” because the scenic beauty over here attracts them. Whether it’s rock or wildflowers or beautiful waterfall areas near Springs. In fall, this region is graced with the bright red and orange leaves of maple trees here.

During Fall, if you are nature lover, then take your camera and if it’s your first time in Whitaker Point, don’t forget to capture the crag. Best time to take photos are in early morning, late afternoon and after evening while sun moves in different positions.

Natural Aquifers In Arkansas:

In the Ouachita Mountain range, there are commonly found underground natural aquifers known locally as infers. During fall, Hot Springs is a tempting option to the objective contribution of nature is an attraction by choice of visitors.

In 1888, families were having a good time during fall, at the Theme park in Magic Springs water. Craftsmen can go for an event in the first Friday art walk in Hot Spring Fine Arts District in studios. Also nature lovers can go fishing and other water sports in Lake Ouachita State Park.

Apex Mountain In Arkansas During Fall :

During fall, if you are in Arkansas, don’t forget to check out Apex Mountain. After nightfall, it’s better to stand there for a picture of nature while sun is setting on the edge of Pinnacle Mountain. It is worth standing for that scenic beauty of nature. This Mountain is one of the best places in Arkansas during fall to visit once or many time.

Apex Mountain stretches over 1000 feet in the Arkansas River Valley & Pinnacle Mountain. Surrounding of the mountain, there is a state park which is must check options for external visitors.

There are 2 climbing trails taking you to the highest point of the mountain. View from the highest point is surprisingly better than standing view in the recreation center. Though recreation center closed after just 1 hour of nightfall.


If you are looking for a place to enjoy the fall season, there are no state in 51 states of America is compared to Arkansas. Arkansas is more focused by nature for natural preserves and that make choices for plenty of outdoor activities for visitors in such places in Arkansas during fall.

Arkansas featuring two mega mountain ranges, Ouachita and Ozarks with wide range of highlands and lowlands. People also get time to visit museums while experiencing local cultures in Little Rock, capital city of Arkansas.

I recommend that when you are planning for visiting Arkansas, take your time to enjoy nature and local facilities. There are many places to visit in Arkansas during fall. Make your list and get out of room to enjoy Arkansas while enjoying reading our thoughts.

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