Easing Your Pet Travel with Accessories

Pet Travel Accessories That You Choose For Your Home Buddy

If you are thinking of traveling any amount of distance with your pet, then you need to learn about cat and dog travel accessories. There are many things you can take on your trip to make your beloved pet not only more comfortable, but also safer while traveling. You are probably picturing and thinking that your little ball of fluff does not need something like that. Rest assured there is much more to the world of pet travel supplies than simply dog and cat carriers for travel!

Types of Pet Travel Accessories

There are many different types of pet travel accessories, and each one has a unique purpose in helping your pet to be as safe and comfortable as possible when you are traveling. Here are the main categories of pet travel supplies.

Collapsible Crates

Collapsible crates are one of the best dog travel accessories if you are going to be traveling with a dog of any substantial size. You can set a collapsible crate up in the luggage compartment of a Jeep, SUV or van, or you can set it up in the bed of a pick-up truck. (If a crate is used in the bed of a truck it should be securely anchored to the sides of the truck.) When you get to your destination, you can simply collapse the crate to store until you need it again.

Travel Food Bowls

Travel food bowls are designed to be taken anywhere. They are easy to pack and some models are collapsible. Other models have airtight sealed containers and attached bowls. When it is mealtime, you twist off the bowl and pour out the food.

Travel Water Dispensers

It is very easy for a pet to get dehydrated while traveling. To ensure that this does not happen, make sure you have a plan to water your pet. You can buy plastic water bottles that have a bowl screwed to the bottom of them. When your pet is thirsty, you unscrew the bowl and pour out some water. These are perfect for traveling!

Pet Hammocks

A pet hammock drapes over the front seat and the rear seat, giving your pet a comfortable place to lounge while traveling, and making it difficult for them to jump into the front seat and disturb you while you are driving. These hammocks also help to keep your car free from too much pet hair.

Wheeled Pet Carriers

If you are traveling by plane with your pet, consider getting a wheeled pet carrier. The wheeled carrier allows you to transport your pet without having to carry his carrier. These make ideal large pet travel carriers for airline travel.

Pet Travel Bags

Pet travel bags are the perfect way to transport your cat or small dog, especially when traveling by plane. These soft-sided carriers are worn over the shoulder like a purse or tote bag. You put your dog or cat in it, and you can keep them with you at all times. These bags are designed to fit under the seat in front of you on an airplane, allowing you to carry your pet as a carry-on.

Should You Take Toys for Your Pet?

If you are traveling with your pet, do not forget to take toys! Your pet needs something to do to entertain himself while you are traveling and once you get to your destination. For dogs, consider taking a chew toy for them to use to occupy themselves while you are traveling. Cats might enjoy a small toy like a stuffed mouse or a ball to bat around.

Considerations before Buying Pet Accessories

Before you go buy your pet accessories, consider a few things. First, are you going to travel via car or plane? If you are traveling by plane, check with the airport to see what their requirements are for transporting your pets. Many airlines have strict rules about the types of carriers they will accept. If you want to have your pet as a carry-on, then double-check the dimensions that will fit for carry-on discount luggage. Remember, you will not put your pet’s carrier in the overhead compartment, so check to make sure it will fit under the seat in front of you.

If you are traveling by car, you have a little more flexibility. Consider if you want your pet restrained during travel. If so, what type of restraint will be easiest on your pet? You may not need a travel carrier if you are traveling by car.


Once you have decided the type of accessories you need, it is time to shop. Try to find high quality products. Your pet will not take into consideration how much you might have paid for their travel accessories, so make sure that they will withstand a little bit of chewing. Also, look for all-natural and eco-friendly products. These are much healthier for your pet, as well as more environmentally friendly.

How to choose large pet travel carriers

Pet Travel Accessories
Cat in Large Bag as travel carriers

If you need a pet carrier for your trip, make your consideration carefully. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Purchase a carrier that is suitable for the type of travel you are doing, whether it is by car or by plane.
  • Make sure the carrier is large enough to hold your entire pet! You do not want the pet to have to curl up tightly in order to fit, nor do you want to have part of your pet hanging out of the carrier.
  • Make sure all areas that could be sharp are well covered so your pet will not be injured.
  • Make sure the carrier is strong enough that it will not collapse, even if something heavy is stacked on it.
  • Make sure the carrier is properly ventilated.
  • Make sure the carrier has room to store anything you need to store while traveling, such as doggy treats.
  • Make sure the carrier is not too large. It should be just large enough for your pet to turn around it, but not larger.

These tips will help you to make the right decision about your travel carrier.

If you are traveling by car, you should choose a carrier that will fit well into your packing scheme, while allowing you easy access to your pet for bathroom breaks. A collapsible crate works well for this, because they are exceptionally sturdy when set up properly. Make sure your pet can see some of what is going on so he does not get scared.

If you are traveling by plane, the type of carrier you need will depend on the size of your pet. If the pet is going to need to be put in the cargo area of the plane, it is important to make sure that the pet carrier is sturdy! You do not know if the airport employees might stack two carriers on top of each other. If you are going to keep your pet with you, then consider a soft-sided pet travel bag.

Where Can You Buy Pet Travel Accessories

You can buy travel accessories for your pet at local retail pet stores. They will carry a small range of supplies. If you are in need of a more specific type of pet travel item, then consider buying directly from the manufacturers. Popular manufacturers of pet travel products include Flexi-Mat Designs, Four Paws Kyjen Company Inc., and Ethical Dog. You can find a wide range of these products at www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com.

Benefits of Pet Travel Accessories

Pet travel accessories benefit you and your pet in a variety of ways. First, they ensure that your pet is comfortable while traveling. Most animals get excited and anxious at the prospect of a trip, and by having high quality, comfortable supplies for your pet, you will keep him calm.

Second, pet travel accessories help to keep pets entertained while traveling. You do not want to be stuck in the car for many hours with a bored dog! Using pet travel accessories, such as toys, helps keep them busy while you are traveling.

Pet travel accessories help to keep your pet safe. A high-quality pet carrier, for example, keeps your pet in a safe place and away from the rest of the luggage on the trip. Also, having fresh water and food available keeps your pet from eating or drinking something that could make him sick.

So keep these tips in mind before you go out and buy large pet travel carriers for your matching set of great Danes. You certainly can travel with pets both comfortably and enjoyably! With cat and dog travel accessories, your next family vacation will not have to leave behind an important member of the family – your pet!

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