Perfect Travel Luggage for a Smooth Travel

So you are planning a trip and need to buy some luggage. But how do you know whether or not to buy that cosmetic travel bag, or if you need to spend extra for leather travel bags? There are a myriad of choices for you in purchasing discount luggage for travel, from motorcycle travel bags to air travel luggage. Read these tips to learn how to buy the best travel luggage for you!

What is Travel Luggage?

Travel luggage is any type of luggage that you use for travel. Travel and luggage go hand in hand. If you are taking a trip, you need luggage! Whether you pack it in your car or carry it on an airplane, if you travel with it, it is travel luggage.

Types of Travel Luggage

There are many different types of travel luggage on the market today. It can be confusing to know which is right for you.

Leather Briefcase

A leather briefcase is a standard piece of travel luggage for business travelers. Business travelers take important documents and even laptop computers with them. Most briefcases have a coded lock, which makes them more secure. A briefcase is usually taken as a carry-on when traveling on a plane.

Garment Bags

Garment bags are a type of luggage designed to carry clothes that hang on a hanger. By packing dress clothes in a garment bag, you help to keep the clothing from getting wrinkled. Many garment bags have multiple compartments, so you can pack more than just hanging clothes in them.

Motorcycle Luggage

Motorcycle travel bags are designed to connect to the back of a motorcycle. This luggage is compact, with straps that keep it securely tied. Quality motorcycle luggage will have multiple compartments, making the best use of a small space.

Tote Bags

Tote bags make a great piece of carry-on luggage. They have large handles that hang over the shoulder. Tote bags are great when traveling with children, because they give you a place to stash the necessary toys and snacks.

Cosmetics Bags

A cosmetic travel bag is a smaller sized bag that contains compartments for toiletry items. Cosmetic travel bags can be stashed inside a larger suitcase or used as a carry-on. The benefit of cosmetics bags is that they keep all of your cosmetics in one easy to find location.

Duffel Bags

Many people are forgoing traditional suitcases in favor of travel duffel bags. Duffel bags hold a great deal when packed, but when unpacked you can store them folded or flattened. Large duffle bags are being made with wheels on one end, which make them especially handy for traveling by cutting down on the lifting.

Traditional Suitcases

Traditional suitcases have evolved quite a bit in the last few years. Gone are the days of lugging heavy valises by their handles. Today’s luggage has wheels and extendable handles, making them easy to transport.

Different types of Wheeled Luggage for Travel

If you are going to be doing much traveling by air, you need to invest in wheeled luggage. There are many different types of luggage that come with wheels. You can buy small carry-on pieces with extendable handles as well as medium and large upright suitcases. These usually have soft sides and zippers that are lockable. There are garment bags available with wheels as well as larger totes and hard-sided suitcases.

You can also buy convertible wheeled luggage. These pieces work as a wheeled piece of luggage, which is great for in the airport, but also convert to be worn as a backpack. For those interested in taking a backpacking trip, convertible luggage is a great idea.

Wheeled luggage usually has telescoping handles. These handles are pulled out when you are ready to wheel your luggage, and then tucked away when you are storing it. This makes the luggage more compact and efficient.

Popular Manufacturers

Name brand does make a difference when it comes to luggage. Look for well-known luggage companies when shopping for luggage for travel, especially if you travel extensively. Popular manufacturers include Samsonite, TravelPro, Tumi, Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek, and Hartmann.

How to Personalize Travel Luggage :

Many pieces of luggage look alike today. Dark green, navy, and black luggage pieces have many copy-cats out there. If you are going to be traveling, consider doing something to personalize your luggage in order to make it easier to find when you are at the luggage claim. Also, you can avoid the embarrassment and confusion of grabbing the wrong piece of luggage.

The easiest way to personalize your luggage is to include your name on it. You can write your name on the luggage with a large permanent marker, or include a colorful name tag. Some people put a colored ribbon or belt through a handle to make their luggage easier to identify. You can also add stickers or pictures to your luggage to make it stand out.

Considerations before Choosing Luggage :

When shopping for luggage, be sure to look for quality. If the luggage looks cheap and flimsy, stay away. Your luggage is going to take a beating when you travel, so you want to buy quality luggage, even if it costs a little more.

Think about what you are going to use your luggage for. Make sure it matches your need. If you are traveling for business, you need professional luggage. Nothing would be more embarrassing than being picked up at the airport by a business associate with a hot pink floral suitcase. However, if you are going to be traveling for pleasure, you might be fine with the flowers.

Make sure the suitcase has room and compartments for all of the things you are going to need to take. Also, consider where you will store the luggage when you are not traveling. If you are tight on space, consider collapsible or stackable luggage options.

Where to Buy Travel Luggage

Most malls have luggage or leather stores which sell luggage. Department stores will usually have a brand or two that you can buy. The best place to actually purchase your luggage may be online. Go to the retail locations to check out the quality, and then search online for a discount luggage. Once you have that, pack your leather belts and head to Italy! You can even buy directly from the manufacturer when shopping online, and by skipping the middleman, you might be able to save some money.

Guide for Travel Luggage :

When purchasing your luggage, check to make sure that the locks are neat and tidy. With today’s heightened security, you may have to open your luggage when checking in, so make sure you will be able to do so easily, otherwise security personnel might break the lock. Check the arrangement and number of all the compartments. Make sure they are logically arranged and meet your needs. Carefully think through what you will be packing and make sure that it will fit in the type of luggage you are looking at. Remember to consider the purpose of your travel. Finally, look for quality, sturdy structure on your luggage.

Whether you are buying compact motorcycle travel bags or rolling luggage for air travel, these tips will help you to buy the best possible pieces. Make a careful list of all the things you need. Don’t forget to grab a cosmetic travel bag. Soon you will be on your way to your next exciting destination!

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