Travel Clothes – What Should You Pack Or You Should Not?

Travel Clothes You Choose Before Traveling

Women who enjoy traveling, or must travel for business, realize that there is a big market for women’s travel clothing. Travel clothes for women save the traveler time, money, and frustration. Buy buying special clothing for travel, business women can ensure that they always present a pressed, crisp appearance.

What are Travel Clothes?

Travel clothing is clothing designed to pack well. It resists wrinkling and takes up little space in the suitcase. Travel clothing is also designed to be versatile. A travel wardrobe will include pieces that are easily mixed to create unique, new outfits. The fabrics that travel clothing is made out of are specifically designed for travel.

Features of Travel Clothes

Travel clothing is usually made out of lightweight fabrics, such as microfiber, twill, crepe, and polyester. Lightweight travel clothes take up less space in the suitcase, and weigh less, making your suitcase lighter.

Travel clothing is also made of quick-drying fabrics. This is to help if you have a spill while on your trip. You can wash your garment in the sink and allow it to dry overnight, with little problems.

Travel clothing, especially women’s travel clothing, is usually interchangeable, layered pieces so that she can create more outfits without as many pieces in her suitcase.

Are Travel Clothes Just For Women?

Travel clothes for women are not the only travel clothes on the market. There are also travel clothes for men. Travel clothing for men usually consists of pieces made from wrinkle-resistant microfiber. There are microfiber blazers, shorts, t-shirts, and even coats.

These are great for business or pleasure travel because they are lightweight and resist wrinkling. Travel clothing for men often includes security pockets. These pockets give the male traveler a secure place to store his wallet and important documents. Women’s travel wear sometimes includes a security pocket as well.

Travel clothes for Women
Travel clothes for Women

Consideration before Packing Travel Clothing

Before you start packing your bag, think about where you are headed on your trip. If you are going on a business trip, for example, there is no need to pack your microfiber short set. You will not be using it! Instead, pack your suit and dress clothes.

Also, think about the climate of the place you are headed. If you are headed out for vacation, what kind of activities are you going to be engaging in?

If you are going to spend a week at the beach, then pack beachwear such as a pair of women’s flip flops from Hawaiians. While you are going to catch some culture at the opera or a play, pack something appropriate to wear to that event.

Also, consider the season you are going to be traveling. There are many different types of travel clothes available, and there are some that are appropriate for spring, and some that are appropriate for winter.

Also, there are microfiber raincoats and hats, which are perfect for light springtime showers. There are winter coats made out of micro tweed that is perfect for cold winter weather. Another great garment for the winter is a sweater.

Look for a stain-free variety made out of a lighter weight fabric like cotton. You will be warm for the winter, and if you spill on it while on your trip, it will not be ruined!

Where to Buy the Best Travel Clothes for Women

Girl shopping for Travel
Girl shopping for Travel

If you have decided that you need to buy travel clothing, there are several options for you as far as where to purchase your travel clothing. You can get a travel clothing catalog to browse and choose your items of clothing. Travel Smith, Magellan’s, and Walkabout Travel Gear all offer their customers a travel clothing catalog featuring their travel-related products.

One downside to buying travel clothing from a catalog is that you cannot try the item on. If you are unsure of the size you might need, consider heading to a travel clothing store. Patagonia, Orvis, and Cots World all have retail stores across the country where you can see, feel, and try on their products.

Another benefit of visiting a travel clothing store is that you will not have to pay any shipping fees for your merchandise. The internet is another great location for travel clothing.

What About Buying a Travel Steamer?

Travel clothing steamers are popular items for those people who travel frequently. Steamers work by taking out wrinkles using warm steam. Steamers are much faster than a traditional iron and are pretty easy to use. There is a danger of burning with travel steamers.

The water inside gets extremely hot in order to produce the steam, so care must be used. Also, steamers are not good at creating creases, so garments that need creases will still need to be pressed. If you can avoid needing to pack a travel steamer by buying wrinkle-free clothing, you will avoid some unnecessary stress on your trip.

Tips for Travel Clothing

When looking for clothing for travel, look for items that are permanent press and washable fabrics. Microfiber is another great fabric as it resists wrinkling. If you roll your clothing to pack it, you will be less likely to have wrinkles when you arrive at your destination.

Pack items that can be interchanged to make different outfits, and pack as few shoes as possible. Tuck socks and underwear into small spaces, as these items, do not matter if they wrinkle. These tips will help you to pack lightly. Avoid packing clothing made of fabrics like silk and 100% cotton, as these will wrinkle.

Also, avoid traveling with dry clean only clothing if possible.

Travel clothes for women and men make packing much less stressful for people who travel frequently. Travel clothing is less likely to wrinkle and takes up less space in the suitcase. Because of these benefits, women’s travel clothing is a must for those who enjoy a life of travel!


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