20 Travel Experiences That Everyone Wants Before the Age of 30

People often say, “Nothing is too late”. However, there are travel experiences for life that are only the best when you are young, such as music festivals, super majestic sports, the best parties in the world … that everyone wishes for themselves. once there. Plan 20 trips that are always in the wish list of young people worldwide.

  1. Traveling by Yacht

Traveling by plane/bus for a few hours is nothing fun. Imagine how many things you can do while traveling by boat: relax, swim, shop, have fun, and party right on the yacht. Every day you will discover a new destination. Every night you will wave to the station. What could be better than doing that with your best friends?

Traveling by yacht
Traveling by yacht

Choose a tour, leave the pigs, and gather your friends. Surely you will have a lifetime of travel experiences in 1-2 weeks “floating” by yacht.

  1. Blue Lagoon – Most Beautiful Hot Spring in World is in Iceland

There are hundreds of reasons you should visit Iceland at least once in your life. Iceland is an extremely peaceful country, with a population of only about 300,000 people. The people are very friendly and all speak English. The crime rate in Iceland is among the lowest in the world, so it is always one of the best places for women to travel alone to get best travel experiences.

The landscape in Iceland is breathtakingly beautiful. We have just come here to see a wonderful creation in which the Blue Lagoon is a unique wonder in the world. The hot spring surrounded by a frozen basin, the water is blue, the steam spread like paradise.

Not only that, but Iceland is also an icy region all year round famous for many volcanoes, glaciers. This country near the North Pole has always been the place tourists want to conquer.

  1. See the World Cup with Your Own Eyes

To be immersed in the world’s largest football festival, seeing the matches with their own eyes and seeing the players in the flesh is probably the great wish of football fans.

Whether you are an avid fan of the ball or not, enjoying the bustle of the World Cup is a lifetime travel experiences. In addition to the matches, there are the busiest all-night parties that you have ever seen, the atmosphere is always vibrant outside and inside the stands and is a reunion opportunity for people from all over the world. What’s more fun?

  1. Oktoberfest – The Largest German Beer Festival

Oktoberfest is the largest German beer festival in the world held in Munich, Germany. The festival lasts about 16 to 18 days, taking place in late September to early October. This is a great event to say goodbye to summer and start the cold winter days.

And for beer lovers, where is a better place than Oktoberfest to enjoy the best beer in the world? Here, you can also admire the traditional German costumes through the parade. While enjoying delicious beer, having fun, and learning about German culture, this is a must-have travel experiences when you are young.

  1. San Fermin Festival – Spain

The name may sound strange, but surely you already know about this festival. San Fermin is a famous bullfighting festival in Spain. The festival is held in Pamplona, ​​Spain, attracting millions of visitors every year.

San Fermin Festival – Spain
San Fermin Festival – Spain

The funniest part of San Fermin is the opening ceremony, where you will spend the morning with a variety of sangria, eggs. In the afternoon, the street is bustling with music and dance bustling until late at night.

The bullfighting festival will officially take place the next morning. You can join the crowd to watch or watch from the sides of the road, from the balcony of the hotel. This promises to be the most exciting day of the year in Spain.

  1. California Road Trip

A road trip is a form of travel by car through many cities, a popular type of traveling by young people around the world. When you are young you have to have at least one road trip to live with your best friends. Together on a long car, if you see any beautiful spots, stop as you like, then at night find a place to camp under the thousand stars.

California road trip travel experiences
California road trip

One of the best roads for road trips is the West Coast of America, starting from southern California, Los Angeles to San Francisco.

  1. Travel Experiences in Coachella Valley Music Festival

Coachella Valley Music Festival travel experiences
Coachella Valley Music Festival

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music festival in Indio, California. This famous music festival attracts a large number of 100,000 people not only in the US but all over the world. The stars are also extremely eager to attend this music festival. Every Coachella period, we are “terrorized” in the newsfeed by the blurry check-in pictures, the charming, feminine outfits, and romantic scenery.

  1. Partying in Las Vegas

The city of sin – Las Vegas is where you can find all kinds of lavish, frivolous things in the world. Las Vegas has miniature versions of Paris, Rome, and New York, thousands of shopping areas for tourists to “burn money” during the day.

Partying in Las Vegas travel experiences
Partying in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is especially famous for its explosive parties. From the pool party, but perhaps you have not seen any swimming pool so crowded and bustling, to the night clubs and bars all night long.

Las Vegas bars and clubs are packed with the world’s top DJs, great music, and lots of great games. If you watch the movie Hangover, you’ll know why partying in Las Vegas is such an unforgettable experience.

  1. Bay to Breakers Race – San Francisco, California

Bay to Breakers is the annual race in May of California. Participants will run the 12 km stretch from downtown San Francisco to Ocean Beach.

And what makes this race so interesting is that it’s not like regular running competitions. Bay to Breakers is also a party where people will have to wear bizarre outfits while running. The contest also awards prizes for the Best Outfits or the Team with the Best Outfits. You will feel lost at a Halloween party.

  1. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Carnival in Brazil is always at the top of the largest and most famous festivals in the world. An average of 2 million people join each day, Carnival is a masquerade festival where you will witness gorgeous costumes. Dancers will perform hot South American samba dance day and night.

Brazil’s Carnival lasts a week, usually held around the end of February – early March each year. This is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the fun, the stream of giants, and also an opportunity to learn about Brazilian culture and traditions.

  1. Mountain Climbing in Enchanting Trails

As you pass through the mountains you will witness the changing landscape and majestic nature. This is also a fitness picnic and helps relax the mind. Mountain climbing requires a lot of preparation and health. However, nothing like the feeling of conquering the natural beauty.


One of the most breathtaking trails in the world is located in South America, Peru, home to mysterious tropical gardens. Not as modern as major cities in the world, South America is the land of the most beautiful wonders of creation, bringing the wildest and most mysterious beauty. South America is always on the list of dream destinations of every tourist in the world.

  1. Jump Down From the Plane

Just kidding. Not jumping an airplane as you think, this is skydiving, skydiving from an airplane. This is, of course, an adventure not for the faint of heart. Players will fall freely at an altitude of about 1000 m. Skydiving causes you to reach a climax of fear, feeling extremely flailing in mid-air as if you were about to fall to the ground. The dreadful feeling only lasted for a few short seconds until the parachute burst open, at which time you would be assured to enjoy the beautiful scenery before landing. And rest assured there will be a guide to fly with you to take care of safety issues.

Jump down from the plane travel experiences
Jump down from the plane

Skydiving challenged her limit of tolerance and when she experienced it, everyone uttered two words: “Too good!”. If anyone later asks, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” You can simply answer: “Jumping an airplane”. That sounds so cool and cool.

Because it is an adventure game, it should be noted: skydiving is absolutely not for people with heart disease.

Top places in the world to do skydiving: Dubai, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mount Everest, Pattaya.

  1. Festival of Colors Holi, India’s Travel Experiences

Have you seen the popular music video Hymn for the weekend by the group Coldplay and singer Beyoncé? Are you enamored with colorful colors throughout the MV? That is the Holi festival in India, also known as the Festival of Colors.

  1. Cycling Through the World’s Most Dangerous Road

Another adventure not for the faint of heart. Ride and drop downhill on the world’s most dangerous trail over 60km long.

The road known as this death is located in Bolivia (a South American country). The narrow path, one side is a steep cliff, the other is a waterfall and the majestic landscapes. It’s dangerous, but you will have a breathtaking panoramic view.

  1. Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival in Thailand

Where is the most fun Mid-Autumn Festival? Not only moon cakes, traditional lanterns, but the mid-autumn festival in Thailand is extremely vibrant and monumental. On tourist islands in Thailand, visitors will witness heavenly parties through the night. Everyone here is dressed in colorful beach costumes, drawing funny pictures all over the body and the party atmosphere never cooled down. The most jubilant Mid-Autumn Festival in Thailand takes place on Koh Phangan Island.

An indispensable part of the Mid-Autumn Festival night is the lantern rituals. At this time you will see the whole sky shimmering brightly. With traditional colors and there is still no shortage of parties, you must welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival in Thailand once to have a travel experiences for this life.

  1. Spend an Entire Month “Going Dust” in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is becoming the hottest tourist destination in the world? There are hundreds of reasons why Southeast Asia tourism attracts people. This area has 11 countries with distinct colors, long-standing cultures, extremely friendly people, surprisingly cheap costs … All these reasons are enough to create an attraction for destinations. in Southeast Asia.

Not to mention, the landscape here is always at the top of the most beautiful places in the world. Start the experience journey from the beaches in Thailand, visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, cruise on Halong Bay, Vietnam, explore the islands in Indonesia … It takes 1 to 2 months to explore destroy all the beauty of Southeast Asia and ensure the travel experiences you have will be extremely memorable.

  1. Bhutan – the Happiest Country in the World

This small country between India and China is where people have the happiest lives in the world. Bhutan is still quite mysterious to the outside world because it always controls the number of tourists to avoid losing the inherent peace.

Bhutan - the happiest country in the world travel experiences
Bhutan – the happiest country in the world travel experiences

Come to Bhutan to feel peace and simplicity, to see why people still live happily without high-tech equipment. If you are looking for the answer to the question: What is happiness? Come to Bhutan to find the answer.

  1. A Solo Trip Travel Experiences

Not always relatives and friends are free to travel with you, do not let that stop your exploration journey. Traveling alone is scary at first, but going to the world alone will bring many unexpectedly valuable lessons. You will get used to doing things on your own, making decisions, and taking responsibility for your own actions, so you will learn to be self-reliant, assertive, independent, and confident.

Traveling alone helps you better understand yourself, discover your limits, and overcome it. Not to mention, this is also a great opportunity to meet and make friends with people from many different cultures and countries. This is an extremely valuable 20-year-old travel experiences.

  1. Carrying Backpacks All Over Europe

Traveling to Europe is not as expensive as everyone thinks. It’s easy to get around by public transport, cheap flights from one country to another across Europe and a wide range of cheap accommodations like hostels and homestays.

Europe is a place known for its long history and culture. From museums, churches, castles to street corners, roads … all carry the breath of history. After this tour, you will see your amount of knowledge about all aspects that increase dramatically.

  1. Tomorrowland – Most Spectacular Music Festival in World

Joining in Tomorrowland is a party fan big dream. This is the largest electronic music festival in the world held annually in Belgium, bringing together top DJs and thousands of people. The 3-day music party with the most spectacular stage, the best sound and lighting effects you’ll ever know.

After that, you can spend a few more days exploring Belgium. The country is famous for two great dishes: Belgian beer and chocolate!

Being young is about living to the fullest, doing things that are sometimes crazy and risky, but those are precious memories you have throughout your life. Traveling alone, hanging out with friends, participating in adventure, spending 1-2 months to go bushwalking … Travel experiences that contribute to our youth become so interesting and worthwhile proud.

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