Cheap Airline Tickets : How Does It Helps In Travel?

Simple Tricks to get cheap airline tickets while traveling

In today’s busy world where everyone, wants to reach their destinations as quickly as possible and just want to fly above clouds with less expenditure is quite a tough job. While keeping that in mind all looking for cheap airline tickets. It’s not so hard if you try to search for it.

The biggest problem a traveler faces while planning his/her trip is the expense of airline tickets because 60% of the budget gets spent on this. So, getting cheap airline tickets are very important in such people’s life who keep traveling. Moreover, the demand for an airline is in a non-decreasing rate with each passing day.

But is it not possible to have a vacation and get airline tickets at a relatively low price? It is possible. This article will help you know how to save on your bookings and get cheap airline tickets.

searching cheap airline tickets
couple searching airline tickets for cheap flight

How to arrange cheap airline tickets?

Here are some tricks applying them you can get cheap airline tickets.

  • Start looking for tickets as soon as possible

Usually, airlines release their tickets 11 months in advance, so when you decide which place to visit you should keep checking the price of flights. According to a study it was found out that the price is low if you book tickets 7 weeks in advance for Domestic flight and 11-12 weeks in advance for International flight. But again, you should not book your tickets too or too late, ideally, it should be 30 to 90 days in advance for domestic flights.

  • Keep your searches a secret

Does it ever happen to you like the flight price keeps increasing than last time if you keep checking the price again and again? This happens because of the cookies on your browser, that keeps a check on your flight choice and destination and keeps increasing-price so that you book earlier. To prevent that, always search in an Incognito mode or other private browsing site to see lowest prices

  • Make your trip on weekdays

As most of the people do not prefer to travel on weekdays, some statistics show that the airline prices are low on days like Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are best for buying tickets or traveling. And flying on Fri and Sundays is quite expensive. Also, prevent yourself from traveling on holidays and weekends.

  • Don’t choose a specific date to travel

Search for dates when the price is lowest and plan your trip accordingly. Keep your options always open to having cheap airline tickets.

  • Choose wee hours to travel

Wee hours refer to early morning hours or the hours after midnight. The airlines are believed to have cheap airline tickets when everyone else is sleeping in your country or region. So, there are fair chances of getting cheap airline tickets in these hours as people usually don’t prefer traveling at this time.

  • Round trip tickets

While booking tickets, always consider round trips. They are always cheaper than one-way trips and even if flights from both the destinations are in odd hours, the next best flight won’t charge you more.

  • Different airline for booking tickets

Some travelers say that if you are booking two separate one-way tickets in a different airline, then you get a cheap deal.

  • Flight comparison websites

This is extremely helpful for travelers. It compares the price of different airlines for the same destination and shows you the cheapest one. Some such websites are Skyscanner, Kayak, and Momando.

  • Select the cheapest payment mode and avail offers

Some airlines offer good discounts if you pay through any online payment mode like Paytm rather than a credit card. And if you have debit or credit card offers then use it. For this, search your bank name and flight offers on that. However, it is wise to pay through credit card while booking tickets on international flights as you can earn flyer points.

  • Use mobile apps for booking

Using apps like Goibibo and Makemytrip gives you to offer and discounts.

  • Use Google flight to track price

Google flight helps you track the price of a particular flight and it will keep emailing you about the decrease in price. So, if your journey date is far, you can try this.

  • Choose flexible dates

If you are not having a rigid plan and want to just travel and explore places, then better to choose dates according to the price of the flight. This will help you to explore new places at a cheap price.

Booking airline tickets at the airport is not advisable

In case of booking airline tickets, people try every way to arrange cheap airline tickets. Some book online, some book by calling the airline directly, and some book by visiting an agent. And with all these ways, buying airline tickets at the airport has become outdated now.


Sometimes people think that avoiding the middleman and contacting the direct source for the ticket will let them have cheap airline tickets, which is absolutely wrong.

If buying an airline ticket in the last hour, then there are high chances of getting really expensive tickets for your travel. Nowadays, no one even does that except in some movies. Even if there is an emergency or unfortunate situation like need to change the departure of flight or change in plan, then also people don’t get any offer.

So, buying one cheap airline ticket at the airport is a myth. You should never think about that, even if there’s any last-minute plan and you book a ticket on the airport platform, chances are there that they might be less expensive as compared to the airport.

Where to buy cheap airline tickets?

You can easily get cheap airline tickets through various online websites. These websites have coupons and discount codes, which can be useful while booking tickets. Even though they don’t give cash back, they give discounts like 5%-10% or straight cash off.

Here are some of the websites that are quite regularly used to get cheap airline tickets are:

  • MakeMyTrip –  This is one of the most popularly used websites for booking flight tickets. You can book hotels from this. Just search for the best discount airline tickets and it will let you know about it.
  • Skyscanner- This is the best website to compare the prices of different airlines. It shows you the different price rates of all the flights for your destination. And if you are unaware of where to go, just choose your departure and choose ‘everywhere’ in destination, it will show you all the cheapest flights.

There are many other websites as well like CheapOair, Momondo, Kayak, Cleartrip, Kiwi, Priceline, etc.

Is it cheap if buy airline tickets online?

Of course, airline tickets are way cheaper when bought online. From booking at different websites to applying discount coupons, all these help in booking cheap airline tickets which cannot be avail in anyway offline. Even agents will book your ticket online through various tips and tricks for getting cheap airline tickets.

You compare airline fares while booking online on websites like Kayak and Skyscanner, which cannot be done through any travel agent and this will help to find out cheap airline tickets. Also, canceling your booking is way easier when booked online.

cheap airline tickets

Is any international airline tickets are cheap?

Yes, there are international airline tickets that are Cheap. You just have to find the correct website that offers cheap deals. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind if you won’t have cheap airline tickets. Like, booking your tickets on weekdays and not on weekends and holidays, look for flights that leave in the early morning or late at night. If you have many airports before your destination, check fares from that destination, the price might be cheaper than straight one-way travel to your destination.

Some of the airlines that offer cheap International airline tickets in USA:

  • Virgin America
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines

Is it cheap to book round airline tickets?

Below are the factors it depends upon:

  • Is this a domestic or international trip? Some studies say that if it’s a domestic trip, it is better to book a one-way ticket and if it is an international trip then it is better to book round trip tickets.
  • Is there any stoppage between your destination?

If you are traveling abroad or any other far location within your country and there are some airports in between, then you can check one-way fare from those airports. If the one-way fares are less than round trip then book one-way tickets and vice-versa.

  • Is there any airline sale going on?

Some airlines offer a round trip or one-way trip sale. Know about the deals and check the prices.

So, it cannot be said if round way trips are cheaper than one-way cheap as you can also get a good cheap price if you are booking two different airlines on a one-way trip. It is always better to check all the possible trips beforehand to know which one is having cheap airline tickets.

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