10 Best Things To Do In Pittsburgh

Things to do in Pittsburgh:

City Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U. S gets its name after “ The Great Commoner” Prime Minister William Pitt. Pittsburgh is situated in the Southwest of the state Pennsylvania. This city is at the junction of three rivers Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio. The city has 446 bridges, thus it is called “ City of Bridges”. This city has 30 skyscrapers. Pittsburgh manufacture steel, that is why this is called “ The Steel City”.

There is lots of visiting place in Pittsburgh, lots of things to do in Pittsburgh. We will discuss about some of them here.

1. Phipps Conservatory:

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden is built in 1893, founded by Henry Phipps. It has gardens with various species of plants like orchids, bonsai etc. It’s green houses are platinum certified.

The entrance of Phipps conservatory has silver-level LEED certification.

Things to do in Phipps Conservatory:

It has both indoor and outdoor gardens. It takes two hours to visit this place.

pittsburgh city view Image by <a href="https://pixabay.com/users/BruceEmmerling-93533/?utm_source=link-attribution&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=4391374">Bruce Emmerling</a> from <a href="https://pixabay.com/?utm_source=link-attribution&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=4391374">Pixabay</a>
pittsburgh city view

Indoor gardens:

  • Palm Court:

Visitors will see Palm Court first as he enter to the Phipps Conservatory. Here visitors see various types of palm trees.

  • Serpentine Room:

It is situated just west of Palm Court. It is named after it’s curved brick walled pathway. This room is famous for winter flower show.

  • Fern Room:

It is located in the West of Serpentine room. As it’s name, this room is for ferns. We will find different types of ferns and also the trees on which ferns grow. Cycads also seen here. Here are some species : Staghorn fern, Bear’s paw fern, Australian tree fern, Rabbit fool’s fern, Tongue fern, Eastern Cape Cycad, Zululand cycad

  • Orchid Room:

This room is located in the West of fern room. This room has huge collection of orchids. 800 orchids were donated by Charles D. Armstrong in 1931. Some orchids found here are: Slipper orchid, Frank Sarris Orchid

  • Stove Room:

You will love this room. Temperature of this room is 27°c at day time and 21°c at night. You will see butterflies in this room. It looks like a Butterfly forest.

  • South Conservatory:

South conservatory is situated at the South of palm Court. This room is for seasonal flowers. Henry Phipps gifted this room in 1896 and it was renovated in 1930s.

  • Tropical Fruit and Spice Room:

Tropical fruit and spice room is situated in the West of South Conservatory. This room is full from tropical fruit and spices like bananas, papayas, cinnamon, coffee etc.

  • Tropical Forest Conservatory:

Tropical Forest Conservatory is situated in the South of South Conservatory. It is the largest room of Phipps conservatory. It was established in 2006. This room looks like a tropical forest. It has fish pond, waterfalls, tropical trees. Glass Panes of this can be opened. There are computerised blocks that resist the sunlight from entering the room.

  • Gallery Room:

Gallery room is situated at the east of South Conservatory. Children will love this place. There is an imaginary market for the farmers where children can play and know about fresh and healthy foods.

  • Sunken Garden:

Sunken Garden is situated at the east of palm Court. Children will love this place also. This room has hanging baskets, fountains. Plants of this room vary with season.

  • Desert Room:

Desert Room is situated at the South of the Sunken Room. This room has plants that grow in desert like Cacti and other Succulent plants. Some species of these plants are Bushman Poison Bulb, African  Tree Grape, Sunrise Tequila Agave and Fire Barrels.

  • Victoria Room:

Victoria Room has a large pond at the centre with a beautiful fountain. This room is connected to the Broderie Room, the East Room and Sunken Room.

  • Broderie Room:

Other name of this room is Parterre de Broderie that means “ flowerbed of embroidery”. It looks awesome at the time of winter show.

  • East Room:

East room has waterfalls and streams. You would love this place. You can see the changes of season here.

Things to do in Outdoor Garden, Pittsburgh:

  • Rooftop Edible Garden:

Rooftop Edible Garden is situated at the middle of the Desert room and the Tropical Forest conservatory. As the name suggests, the garden has edible fruits and vegetables. Many programmes and Children’s camp are held here.

  • Japanese Courtyard Garden:

Japanese Courtyard Garden is situated at the middle of the Desert room and the Gallery room. This room is established in 1991. Here you will see bonsai and Japanese Garden.

  • Children’s Discovery Garden:

Children’s Discovery Garden is situated in the middle of the Stove room and the Tropical Fruit and Spice room. This room is made such a way that birds, bees and butterflies attracted to the garden. Children will love this place.

  • Outdoor Garden:

There are many garden in this area. They are medicinal garden, herb garden and many more.

  • Botany Hall:

Botany Hall has a fountain, benches and walkways. Many educational programs are held here. It was established in 1901.

  • Aquatic Garden:

Aquatic Garden is situated outside the Victoria room. There is a statue of Neptune (Roman God of sea). In summer, you can see pools filled with tropical water plants.

2. Duquesne Incline:

Duquesne Incline is a uphill trolley. It is situated on Mount Washington near the junction of three rivers. Since 1870s, it attracts visitors. Many things you can do in Duquesne Incline. It takes hardly an hour to spend to sightseeing Pittsburgh. You may take pictures from the top on a clear sunny day. You can stay there to see the illumination of the city at night. There is a small museum at the top, you can spend some time there. You may buy souvenir from the shops. You will get restaurants there. Admiring the city from the top of Mount Washington. The incline opens at 5.30 in the morning from Monday to Saturday and opens at 7 am in the Sundays.

3. Things to do in Stip District, Pittsburgh: 

Stip District is located on the North of the river Allegheny. It is a historic market district since 20th

century. It has restaurants antique dealers, art studios and so on. There us much to do on Stip District. This place is more active on weekends. Things to do in Stip District: You may visit Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery, Saint Anthony Chapel, Wigle Whiskey, Lumberjack Axes, Eleventh Hour Brewing, the Burgh Tours, Liberty Magic. The Clemente Museum, Engine House 25, DeBolt Unlimited Travel, Arsenal Cider House and Wine celler. You will love to have French fry topped sandwiches at Primanti Brothers, breakfast at Deluca’s Diner and have excellent Pancakes from Pamela’s P&G Diner. You may spend half a day here.

4. Senator John Heinz History Center:

Senator John Heinz History Center is situated at Stip District. It is a history Museum established in 1879. If you are interested in Pittsburgh’s history, you must visit this place. There is many things to do in this place. It takes minimum 2 hours to visit this place. It is not a typical museum. It’s a sports museum. You will get to know about Pittsburgh from Civil War to the industry Titans of steel. This museum is well organised.

Frick Art Museum in Pittsburgh
Frick Art Museum in Pittsburgh

5. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium:

Pittsburgh Zoo& PPG Aquarium is opened in 1898. It is stretched out about 77 acres area. There is more than 4000 animals live here among them 20 are endangered. There is many things to do in Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Near about 475 species are there, children likes to go this place over and over. Wildlife is just Incredible while traveling in Pittsburgh.

It is divided into eight parts:

  • Kid’s Kingdom:

There is reptile house, playground, white-tailed deer, beaver, river otters and sea lions. There are domestic animals also. Kid’s kingdom is a place where children learn about animal habitat, how they live, how is their behaviour  and they can think from animal’s point of view. There is meerkat exhibit, which has tunnels, this shows how meerkats live. There is a kangaroo pen also.

  • Things to do in PPG Aquarium, Pittsburgh:

There is many exhibits like Tropical rainforest which is home for arapaima and piranha, Pennsylvania exhibits where you see the aquatic life of Allegheny river like  Brook trout, a penguin exhibit where you see many species of penguin like  Gentoos, Kings and Macaronis. There is a coral reef and open ocean exhibit also.

  • Forest Passage:

Here you can see Asian animals and endangered animals such as Siberian tigers, Amur leopards, red pandas, snow leopards and komodo dragon.

  • Tropical Forest:

Here you see animals of tropical forests. There is Solomon Island Leaf Frogs, Hoffman’s two-toed sloths, tuffed Capuchins, white  cheeked gibbons, Angola colobuses, blue monkeys, great apes, Gorillas, Orang-utans, Ring tailed  lemurs and black and white ruffed lemurs, black howler monkeys. This must be on your things to do in Pittsburgh list.

  • Things to do in Pittsburgh; African Savanna:

Visitors will see lions, leopards, African elephants, giraffes, rhinos, ostrich, zebras, nyala. Visitors experience walking  through the bank of a river of African Savanna. You can see cheetahs also.

  • Bears:

There was three bears exhibits: Kodiak bear, American black bears and Spectacled bears. But they are empty now.

  • Water’s Edge:

Water’s edge is opened in 2006. Visitors can see Sand tiger sharks, Sea otters, elephant seals, sea lions and polar bears here.

  • The Islands:

The island exhibit contains some endangered animals such as Galapagos tortoise, clouded leopards, visayan warty pigs, Philippine crocodiles.

  • Jungle Odyssey:
antelopes in jungle

This is almost newly opened in 2017. This is a mixed exhibit of pygmy hippo, fossa, ocelots, giant anteaters, capybaras, antelopes. Wild animals are feeling it like home and all wildlife adventures liking people can visit once. Kids are loving this place and parents must take them for teaching them about wild animals.

6. Carnegie Science Center:

It is a very interesting place. There is much more things to do here. It has four floors. The main attractions are The Rangoos Giant Theater, Miniature Railroad and Village, the USS Requin (Submarine), Roboworld, sports works and Buhl Planetarium(it’s a Digital Projection Technology). Roboworld exhibition is the world’s largest robotics exhibition. It is closed on Sundays.

7. Things to do in Kennywood, Pittsburgh:

This is a amusement Park situated on the banks of the river Monongahela. There is much to do here. This park has water rides, roller coasters, carousels, paddle boats, bumper cars, 3D experiences and so on. Youngsters will love this place.

8. Andy Warhol Museum:

You may spend 1 to 2 hours here. It has seven floors. Things to do in here are: you may know about Warhol’s life through this museum. There are educational exhibits and some other artefacts and exhibits.

9. Point State Park:

Monongahela and Allegheny river meet Ohio River where the park is made. Things to do in here : there is a large fountain to admire, visitors also have a great view of Mount Washington and PNC park. There is an indoor-outdoor museum which children like the most. You may spend 1-2 hours here.

10. Mattress Factory:

Established in 1977, it is a  three storey building museum. This is mainly an art Museum. There are vibrant colour, visual illusions. Some displays you can touch to experience. You can walk around and examine the art.


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